West by West: My Charmed, Tormented life

By Jerry West and Jonathan Coleman

The NBA silhouette image, NBA champion, MVP of the NBA finals, an Olympic gold medal winner, named one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history, executive of the year leading the Los Angeles Lakers to six championships. After all these public accomplishments, one might think that you know, Jerry West and his story. Well stop right there because you don't. This soul stirring, yet jaw-dropping autobiography of the one and only Jerry West is an enthralling look at the life and times of this basketball icon.You think you knew Jerry West,( ha ha ) well just step into his world!

From a shy, athletic young boy to a teenager with murderous towards of his father, a father who mentally and physically beat the emotions out of his young son, until a young Jerry West threatened to take his father out. Periodically, overcoming his insecurities, the playground then the hardwood basketball floors began to turn a young Jerry West into a man. A man who would win an Olympic gold medal with a teammate named Oscar Robertson, who would later go on to be his storied rival in NBA folklore, a man who would carry the weight of the world on his broad shoulders as his Lakers repeatedly got their butts kicked by the champion Boston Celtics, year after year, to a young man with interesting, robust stories concerning iconic teammates such as Wilt Chamberlain and Elgin Baylor, to a man who became one of the stately heads of the Los Angeles Lakers in guiding the dynamic, yet tempestuous dynamic duo of Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant to numerous championships.

And yet after so many professional and personal success stories, Jerry West still considers himself to be a work in progress. West by West is not just a sports book it's a life story full of ups and downs, trials and tribulations. A page turner and a must read, for the truth go west young man- West by West, the Jerry West story.

The John Carlos Story:
The Sports Moment That Changed The World

By Dave Zirin, John Wesley Carlos and Cornel West

A picture is worth a thousand words. It's one of the most iconic images in sports history; Tommy Smith, Peter Norman, and John Carlos, gold, silver, and bronze medalists at the 1968 Summer games, Carlos and Smith lifted their arms in a defiant salute as they stood on the podium at Olympic Stadium in Mexico City, a symbolic stand against racism. As Norman is no longer with us, there are two living legends (Carlos & Smith) still around in this dynamic chapter of American history. The John Carlos Story is the first book in which Carlos finally documents his side of this historic time.

The John Carlos Story is a gripping and insightful look not only at the life of Carlos but at the times we lived in during the dynamic decade of the 60's. Carlos asks, "How can you separate sports from society?" You can't, and The John Carlos Story reminds us why we cannot separate sports from society. Two African-American track stars used the stand to make a stand for those who couldn't speak for themselves and became villains in their own country. At every turn vilified and crucified, Carlos and Smith were intertwined into the fabric of US history, all the while receiving death threats and being turned down from job to job.

After receiving a talk and the green light from Dr. Martin Luther King, Carlos and Smith went on to make history while trying to be simultaneously silenced by iconic sprinter Jesse Owens, as well as Avery Brundage, the racist president of the International Olympic Committee. The turbulent time of the 60's were put on blast and trumpeted by the stand that Carlos, Smith and Norman took in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. But this stand was not just about racial injustice in sports, it was mainly about racial injustice in the United States. A poignant, life altering iconic moment in time, that not only gripped the nation, but gripped the world is detailed in this historic book that wants to change the world page by page!

A powerful memoir about an equally powerful time, by an equally powerful man, John Carlos. The John Carlos Story a historically relevant book by a historically relevant to the man, this is truly a book for the ages!

Captain For Life:
My Story As A Hall of Fame Linebacker

By Harry Carson

Hall of Famer Harry Carson was the immovable object in the middle of the New York Giants defenses. Big # 53 was the last line of defense in the Big Blue defensive scheme, but in Captain for Life, Captain Carson is one of the first gridiron greats to speak out about Post-Concussion Syndrome.The man who was unleashing pain and mayhem on offensive lineman and running backs, as he opened the door for Lawrence Taylor to do his thing, Harry Carson is now causing mayhem on the notion that former and current NFL players should just leave it all on the field.

Yes, Captain for Life has many glorious football stories concerning the star-studded Giant football teams of the 80's. With Phil Simms and Lawrence Taylor leading the way the Giants won Super Bowl XXI, but how many players from both teams, in that era, actually remember those hard-hitting games, or even what they had for breakfast today? The chiseled out of stone Carson, details in depth about his own ongoing neurological battles. Daily battles that weaken or delete memories, daily battles that make the smallest of daily routines such as buttoning one's own shirt, a source of constant frustration. We love these gridiron warriors for leaving it all on the field, but at what price do the players pay as they may not even remember being on those fields.

True courage is doing what needs to be done, regardless of one's own personal safety net. Harry Carson is a true warrior, who is not concerned about his personal safety net. Carson has penned a book that has opened the gates to let the truth run free about the after effects of not only NFL football, but college and high school as well. Carson on my sports radio show, stated knowing what he now knows about the lingering effects of a football, he does not want his grandsons playing the game. Wow ! Truly a hard-hitting statement, but one can expect no less from such a great man as Harry Carson who courageously in Captain for Life talks of his own battles with depression and fear for the future.

If you are a fan of football, the Giants or fantastic personal stories this is a must read penned by a true gridiron great and Hall of Famer, but an even greater man, the one and only Harry Carson; Captain for Life.

The Big Fight
My life in and out of the ring

By Sugar Ray Leonard

I first interviewed Sugar Ray Leonard, about seven years ago, figuring that I knew everything there was about the fighter and the man, boy was I wrong! Sugar Ray Leonard's,The Big Fight is a powerfully alluring, and dynamic forays into the ups and downs, good and bad times of the glamorous and not so glamorous life of the one and only Sugar Ray Leonard. Inside the ropes, outside the ropes, we didn't know Ray Leonard, heck we didn't even know Sugar Ray Leonard! Buckle up and enjoy the ride, the Sugar Man is back!

Along his journey, Ray Leonard was suffering from multiple child abuse situations, alcohol and drug addiction all the while capturing the Olympic boxing gold medal in the 1976 Olympics, winning world titles in five different weight classes, defeating such iconic names as Roberto Duran, Tommy Kearns, and Marvin Hagler, Sugar. Yet along the way, Sugar we hardly knew ya!

Read, The Big Fight and you will know all about Sugar Ray's incredible journey through life from a tough kid raised on the streets of an even tougher Baltimore to being a contestant on Dancing with the Stars? Who knew? You'll know by reading this 15 around fight of a book.Sugar tells all for all, you don't want to miss this.

Whether you like sugar are not, Sugar Ray Leonards, The Big Fight is too sweet to pass on, the Champ is Here!!! A must read!

All Rise
The remarkable life of Alan Page

By Bill McGrane
Foreward By Bill Clinton

You ask people what they remember about football player Alan Page, and most will say he was a great Hall of Fame player but there is so much more to this iconic figure. Like the fact that he is a 19 year Superior Court judge in Minnesota, like the fact that over two decades ago he started the Page Education Foundation to inspire inner-city youth to understand the importance of education. How about the fact that all of his great deeds on the football field have been hugely surpassed by his deeds off the field. Doubt that? How many folks can be in a Hall of Fame for anything in their job, but can say their best work was done off the job? Proof in the pudding is how many people can get a Foreward done by a pass that President Bill Clinton, Allen Page did!

How many folks can say they physically helped build a Hall of Fame then ended up being inducted into that very same building? Alan Page did! Follow Page's journey from being a high school football player, and showing up for his first practice without knowing what a jock strap was, to being one of the few African-American students on the campus of the prestigious Notre Dame University while becoming one of the best players in the country.

So few know that this now Superior Court Judge was once a union rep for the Minnesota Vikings and decided to go on strike by himself joining several other NFL teams that were striking also.That's right, his teammates did not want to join the strike so he went on by himself -now that's a man of conviction.

Why didn't Page get along with star quarterback Fran Tarkenton? Why did Page respect but also butt head at times, with his Hall of Fame coach, Bud Grant? Why do some of Page's college and professional teammates feel that he did not like football? What happened Page was benched at halftime, then refused to go back into the game?

All this and so much more. ALL RISE and go to your bookstore to find this grand story of the one and only Alan Page.

My untold story about the games people play

By Bill White

The extraordinarily outspoken Bill White tells for the first time, the inside story of his life in the world of baseball in UPPITY.

In this tell-all autobiography, which includes a foreword by Willie Mays, he has written a baseball memoir, which is as surprising as it is candid. Playing 13 seasons in the major leagues, five-time All-Star, seven straight Gold glove awards, 18 years as a professional sportscaster (the first African-American to do regular play-by-play for a major-league team,) as well as President of the National League (again, the first African-American to hold such a position,) White had an insider's view of every aspect of the game. And what a view he's had!

Playing major league baseball in the racially turbulent 60's and 70's, White deftly tells stories of not being able to stay in hotels with his teammates, and having to eat sandwiches on the bus by himself while they ate inside restaurants. From having racial epitaphs yelled at him while he was on the field and not being able to do anything about it, to meeting Jackie Robinson for the first time on the streets of Harlem, Bill White has seen and done it all.

A true pioneer as an African-American athlete, sportscaster, and top baseball executive, White has now written his long-awaited autobiography. It will not disappoint. White shares never before told stories about his long working relationship in the broadcast booth with Phil Rizzuto, and why he says he loves the man. White In UPPITY offers insights into Willie Mays, George Steinbrenner, Jackie Robinson, Billy Martin, Barry bonds, Reggie Jackson, Thurman Munson, Howard Cosell (who gained White's respect when he took up the cause of racial segregation in baseball in 1961 and was the only broadcaster to push the story), Bob Gibson, his dislike for former commissioner Fay Vincent, and scores of other top baseball names and Hall of Famers.

Best of all, White built his career on being outspoken,and the years fortunately have not mellowed him.UPPITY is a memoir that baseball fans everywhere will be buzzing about for years to come.

I interviewed Bill White for almost 2 hours about UPPITY and found him to be forthright, honest and brutally hard-hitting just like his book, this is truly a must read.

Brother West: Living and Loving OUT LOUD
A memoir

By Dr. Cornelius West


"Cornell West thinks like a sage, acts like a warrior and writes like a poetical prophet."

-Maya Angelou

There it is right there, one great voice and mind waxing about another great voice and great mind!

As a huge fan of Cornell West I've read many of his books, but Living and Loving OUTLOUD is an amazing memoir by Dr. West. Gil Scott Heron said the Revolution will not be televised. In this memoir, you can read the Revolution, in Dr. West' mind. Read why Dr. West is a Shiloh Baptist kind of brother with a philosophers groove concerning Albert Einstein to Malcolm X ! Learn why Dr. West? warm upbringing helped shape his phonetic mind. A brilliant man who sees the world as his backyard really sees himself as his mama's boy, his brother's keeper, and his father?s son. It's magnetic and heartwarming to read that a man who has spoken to and read the most brilliant minds of our time truly honors his parents as his true heroes.

Dr. West truly knows that Race Matters and what chapters they are from Pat Buchanan to Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., I'll stop there just enjoy the ride. For all the Connecticut fans, find out why Dr. West loves women so much, especially in New Haven, Connecticut.

It's an enlightening and amazing read into the life of a man who talks so fluently and elegantly concerning everything from the atom to collard greens. What?s shaped, who shaped, who helped, who hurt this most brilliant man.

From George Clinton and Parliament, from Mingus to Mozart, this book reads of reasons why Dr. Cornell West considers himself, ?a bluesman in the life of the mind, and a jazzman in the world of ideas." A truthful, thought-provoking, easy read memoir by an everyday brother, brother West. Some folks just call him Cornell and pass the collards.

Dead Coach Walking
Tom Penders surviving and thriving in college hoops

By Tom Penders and Steve Richardson

Legendary, outspoken coach Tom Penders walked the walk as a college coach, now as a former hoops coach he's talking the talk and dishing the good, the bad, and the ugly, about the today's college game. Oprah move over, there's a new sheriff in town, and it's not pending, its Penders, Tom Penders.

From Penders' humble beginnings in Stratford, Connecticut, to leading the state of Connecticut in scoring during his senior year in high school, to being a feisty point guard at the University of Connecticut, basketball has been part of his DNA.Coaching at seven colleges (one of only five men to do this, 6 on the Division one level,) a 36 year career, coaching 1,086 games, leading his team to 11 NCAA tournaments and 8 in NIT's, Penders has not only been around the block, he helped pour the cement! Penders dishes the dirt, locker room stories, dissecting coaching styles (Bobby Knight, Mike Krzyewski, Al Maguire...), and his vast experiences on the recruiting trails.

Dead Coach Walking is a tough, honest, insightful look at big-time college sports in today's society. As head basketball coach at Tufts University in the early 70's. As the Vietnam War was raging, racial struggles were popping up every day, what coach would say." our players were very active in campus politics. We stuck together and even protested as a team." Penders did. A college team, protesting societal issues? Can you imagine that happening in today's world?

The rat-tat-tat lipped coach at the University of Texas found his way into so many battles and opinions concerning not only college basketball, but the AAU's role in college basketball, as well as opinionated yet insightful thoughts about media moguls CBS, ESPN as well as the media as a whole. Did I mention the Penders' roller coaster ride through college basketball as he had major life-threatening health issues, and how he dealt with these private challenges in a very public setting.

Dead Coach Walking is an entertaining, controversial and reflective look at a man who has seen success and encountered sacrifice at every level of of college athletics. A great read, by an even greater man, Tom Penders.

Get it, read it, love it.

The Black Aces
Baseball's only African-American 20 Game Winners

By Jim "Mudcat" Grant


Baseball is a sport in America that mirrors the country and sometimes leads the way. As baseball great, Hall of Famer Joe Morgan said; "Black pitchers helped change America; how America learned from their actions that we are all more like than we are different."

The Black Aces are the individual, yet united stories of the 13 African- American 20 game winners in Major League baseball history. From the first, Brooklyn Dodger Don Newcombe, to the first black 20 game winner in the American League, Larry Doby to Black Aces author Jim “Mudcat" Grant, Sam" Toothpick" Jones, Earl Wilson, Al Downing, Dontrelle Willis, Mike Noris,JR Richard, Dave Stewart, Dwight Gooden, Vita Blue, and Bob Gibson.

From the Preface...

This book doesn't just tell the story of the Black Aces. It is a story about America-north, south, east and west. It is the story of the game of baseball and the business of baseball; segregation and integration; discrimination and determination; heroes and cowards; fear, strength, and courage; opportunities denied to some, and seized by others; all told against the backdrop of the accomplishments of some of the most successful pitchers of their time.

The Black Quarterback Syndrome
How to succeed as a first or a pioneer in an organization

By Dr. Norman M. Davis


Black Quarterback Syndrome is an easy read, yet detailed look at complex issues that go on every day in most workplaces in the country. How do Malcolm (who is African-American), Mary (white female),LeYong (Asian), Bill Saperstein (Jewish), Mike (who is gay),... deal with being" the first" or pioneers in their respective jobs? How does management hinder or help these" firsts" or pioneers during their respective trials and tribulations in the workplace. There are many questions like these, and the mine fields that we call" jobs," laid out in The Black Quarterback Syndrome by Dr. Norman Davis. Dr. Davis not only discusses these usually taboo topics, but he all so eloquently gives solutions and practices that may alleviate human tragedies in the workplace.

The basic metaphor of the book, which starts with Marlon Briscoe, the first starting NFL Black quarterback. Briscoe states;" although this book speaks to the leveling of organizational playing fields rather than the football playing fields, I could have used it for personal companionship on many a lonely night and for its survival strategies as a first and pioneer."

Briscoe, a lifelong friend and teammate of Dr. Davis had quite a roller coaster-like career in the NFL, which had the tools in The Black Quarterback System been used, Marlon Briscoe may be in the NFL Hall of Fame today. But this story is just not about Briscoe, it is about Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had polio, and governed from a wheelchair. It's about John F. Kennedy, who was the country's first Catholic president, it's about you, you, and you! Anyone in an organization might experience, the Black quarterback syndrome. They just need to be one of the"s first" in their position or in the organization.

This illuminating book should not only be taught on every college campus, but should also be in the Resource Department and on the desk of every CEO in America.The foundation of all workplaces is usually the inner workings of relationships between employees, as well as management.

There are many reasons why Dr. Davis was recently elected to Who's Who Among Executives and Professionals, but based on Dr. Davis is last 15 years as an organizational consultant he has discovered the missing gem,The Black Quarterback Syndrome.

Read it, learn from it, enjoy it, but in today's work place-Keep what It Handy,You'll Need It!


Silent Gesture

By Tommie Smith


One of the most famous pictures in U.S. history is the dramatic photo of the 1968 US Olympians Tommie Smith, John Carlos as well as bronze winner, Australian Peter Norman unilaterally standing on the winner's podium. Smith and Carlos wearing black gloves on opposite hands, hands that were raised in the black power salute while wearing no shoes, but black socks. On the world stage, Smith and Carlos were protesting their lack of civil rights in their homeland. Wow !!! We can't get our athletes to stand up for anything today, all most of them want to tell us is to buy whatever sneakers, underwear, or laundry detergent they are selling.

Silent Gesture is Tommie Smith's life story, his ups and downs, and his journey. How this one single moment in time where no words were uttered, a singular Silent Gesture that would write history without a pen.

1968 in a season of discord, discontent and tragedy, Smith and Carlos made a statement that cannot be ignored. Smith tells his story, a story as significant as any other told by any athlete. This is a book about principle, commitment, belief, but also consequences. Tommy Smith says his gesture was done in the name of human rights, and in this book, he offers himself up, to the fullest extent--the complexity, the scars, the pain, and the duality of his hatred, as well as affirmation of his own humanity.

This is our history, the history of the United States told by Tommie Smith, the Muhammad Ali of track.

The Machine
The Story of the 1975 Cincinnati Reds

By Joe Posnanski


Simply, one of the best baseball books ever written!

Author Joe Posnanski hit for the cycle in this thrilling book about one of the best teams in baseball history, the 1975 Cincinnati Reds. This book runs the gamut on pure baseball emotions from great baseball, explosive personalities, race, the trials and tribulations of great men who were afraid to lose, who hated to lose, to a great team that sometimes loved each other but many times hated each other.

The Machine is the story of a superstar manager (Sparky Anderson,) superstar players (Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose,) and stars (George Forster, Dave Concepción, Ken Griffey Sr.,) all on one team; a melting pot of different ages, different races, different cultures, different strengths and weaknesses, a magnetic star laden team that sometimes fought each other even harder than they fought their opponents. Rose and Bench couldn't stand each other. When Morgan came to the team he was told he had to decide who he was going to be friends with Rose or Bench, but he couldn't be friends with both.

So many unknown and untold stories, a team of the ages, dissected and inspected in this book of the ages!

It's What's Inside the Lines That Counts
Baseball Stars of the 1970s and 1980stalk about the game they loved

By Fay Vincent


Former commissioner of MLB, Fay Vincent is one of the leading historians of baseball today. Vincent has penned several baseball books, where he has been able to flex his outstanding baseball memories, while making the reader pine for the glory days of baseball. But in It's What's Inside the Lines that Counts, Vincent is the orchestrator of stars from the 1970s and 1980s honestly speaking about the game they love. This is not just a coffee table book; this is a book for every room in the house as words poetically fly off the pages, baseball at its best- told by the best.

Individual chapters by some of the biggest names in baseball history, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Earl Weaver, Tom Seaver, Ozzie Smith, Cal Ripken Jr., all Hall of Famer's for sure. But the best is truly saved for last in the final chapter, the words of somebody who should be in the Hall of Fame, superstar Marvin Miller. This volume is the third in a series drawn from Vincent's Baseball Oral History Project. Earlier books chronicled the careers and lives of baseball players from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and the 1960s, respectively. The 70's and 80's were volatile times and baseball reflected the times with talented, unique and great players, and here they are loud and in charge telling their sides of their stories.

A great book, by a great commissioner, but an even better man.

Sixty Feet, Six Inches

By Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson


The brawny homerun slugger digs in at the plate, as the hard as nails, flame throwing hurler, goes into as wind upand and the pitch... That's what this book is all about, a Hall of Fame hitter and a Hall of Fame pitcher talk about how the game is played. Imagine Bob Gibson pitching to Reggie Jackson will here it is, these two legends of the game used to walk the walk, now they talk the talk in this great baseball book about the mental and physical battles between hitters and pitchers.

A legendary fierce competitor, Bob Gibson won 251 games, with 3, 117 strikeouts in a lifetime ERA of 2.91, over the course of his record-setting 17 year career with the St. Louis Cardinals. The two-time Cy Young winner and eight time All-Star, he was named in National League MVP in 1968 and World Series MVP twice, in 1964 and 1967. His ERA of 1.12 in 1968 remains a major league best for the live ball era, and second best of all time.

Nicknamed" Mr. October" for his clutch hitting in the postseason, Reggie Jackson bashed 563 home runs and drove in 1, 702 runs over the course of his 21 year career, winning three consecutive World Series titles as a member of the Oakland A's in two consecutive titles as a member of the New York Yankees. A 14 time All-Star, he was twice named World Series MVP (1973 and 1977), and in 1973 was named both American League MVP and major league player of the year.

As a huge fan of both players, it is amazing to read their takes on the:

Strategies for outsmarting the opponents 60 feet and 6 inches away
Their feelings about umpires
The mentality required to win in pressure situations
How the game has changed since their playing days

Sixty Feet,Six Inches is the ultimate inside baseball book-a candid, funny, captivating view of how players think by the greatest living picture, and the greatest clutch hitter of all time. This fantastic read takes the fan inside the game in a way no book has ever done before. This is an unforgettable baseball history by two of its most influential superstars. A must read for the real baseball fans.

Fay Vincent is truly the Last Commissioner.

Hands of Stone
The Life and Legend of Roberto Duran

By Christian Giudice


The first and definitive biography of the boxing legend often called one of the greatest of all time.

The one and only story about the great Roberto Duran, otherwise known as Manos dePiedra: "Hands of Stone." This moniker definitely fit Duran as once he knocked you down, you normally stayed down and out. The only professional in boxing history to have fought in five different decades, Duran went on to hold four world titles in four different weights. Duran's never to be forgotten battles with fellow greats like Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler have gone down in fisted folklore. One of the toughest, nastiest, and meanest fighters in boxing history, Roberto Duran's story is finally told!

American journalist Christian Giudice, traveled to Duran's hometown in the Panama several times to interview not only Duran, but many of his foes, friends, and family. This extraordinary book details the Duran's extraordinary life both in and out of the ring. Born in poverty in the Panama Canal Zone, the illegitimate son of a serving US soldier and a local girl, Duran grew up in the streets, fighting to survive. Being a street fighter, Duran honed his willingness to take on anyone, anywhere, any time and never taking a step backwards. There is even the infamous story where Duran even knocked down a horse with a single punch for a bet!

From his wild early bouts to this stunning defeat of the previously unbeaten, Sugar Ray Leonard and the subsequent debacle of the "No Mas" encounter, Duran proceeded to have epic battles versus Hagler and Hearns (by the way according to the book Tommy Hearns was the only fighter to ever intimidate Duran.) Here are both the public and private sides of Duran; his volatility, his kindness and reckless generosity, his partying, his links with the notorious regime of General Noriega, along with his well-known love of the ladies of the evening.

Hands of Stone, just put in your hands and read, the book will never crumble.

Four Kings
Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran and the Last Great Era of Boxing

By George Kimball


Their names are legendary, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Thomas" Hit Man" Hearns and Roberto "Hands of Stone" Duran, four superstar boxers endowed with unique combinations of power and speed. In another era, with few rivals of equal caliber, each might have held championship belts for years on end. But as it was, they matured together in the 1980s and fought each other as middleweights. With unforgettable courage and skill, they ruled the ring and ushered in the last Golden Age of boxing. These "Four Kings" captured our hearts, imagination, and attention, something that today's boxing fans would relish in this era of paper alphabet champions.

Author George Kimball delves into and dissects the rivalries that fueled his great era in sports history. Veteran sports journalist Kimball reported on every one of the "Four Kings"nine fights that they had together. For the most part these four legends not only had the talent, and he the heart but they all had distinctively strong personalities and most of the time couldn't stand each other.

Let the record speaks for itself in 1989, the date of the last meeting between them (Duran-Leonard lll), the aggregate record of the quartet was 229-15-4 !

Put another way, as of December 7, 1999, their records, excluding their fights against each other were 33-0 (Leonard), 46-1 Hearns, 60-2-2 (Hagler), and 84-4 (Duran)! Each of the four beat him in any at least one of the others, and each of them lost to at least one of the others.

With a quarter-century as a sports columnist, Kimball definitely knows what he's talking about as well as being lucky enough to view all nine fights between Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Duran. For the boxing enthusiast, there are a lot of tasty tidbits of inside information that the average boxing fan never knew about, and Kimball sets the record straight. The behind closed door meetings, the face-to-face mental battles between the "Four Kings", as strong as each of these four teams were, each new the mental and physical weaknesses of the other three.

Sugar Ray wanted to destroy Duran for his constant verbal assaults on not only the manhood of Leonard, but also the sexual and deviant comments made by Duran to the family of Sugar Ray. The three round the war between Hagler and Hearns is routinely recognized as the most brutal three rounds in boxing history, and Hagler's controversial loss to Leonard made him leave the country never to fight again. Kimball also noted that Hearns was recognized as the only fighter who truly intimidated the mean and nasty, "Hands of Stone", Roberto Duran.

Definitely a great read for any boxing fan who remembers the last great era in boxing history, the era of Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Duran, the Four Kings !!!

Warren Moon
Never Give Up On Your Dream; My Journey

By Warren Moon


Finally, it's about time! An autobiography about one of my favorite players an all-time legend, Warren Moon. Moon is not only the first and only African-American quarterback inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but he is the only player in the Pro Football and Canadian football Halls of Fame!

Wow! It's rare to be able to call a Hall of Famer underrated, but Warren Moon is just that. Playing the vaunted position of quarterback throughout his high school and college days, even winning the MVP of the prestigious Rose Bowl, Moon did not get a call from the NFL, especially after refusing to succumb to pressure to change positions and become an NFL running back (like so many of the black players then and now, Marlin Briscoe, Brad Smith and Tony Dungy just to name a few). Principles intact, Moon decided to cross the border into Canada and become the best player in the CFL, leading the Edmonton Eskimos to five consecutive championships in securing his place in the Canadian Hall of Fame.

Returning to the US at the age of 28, Moon became the NFL's first legitimate big-time free-agent, signing the most lucrative contract in NFL history. But nothing came easy for Warren Moon as Moon candidly discusses for the first time, the racism he faced every day, the slurs his family heard in the stands, and the death threats he received, all took their toll.

Moon found himself every game with a chip on his shoulder, and also wanting to lead the way for other black quarterbacks. Moon states," it was a lot to drag around with me, I probably would've been a much better player if I didn't have that burden. But you know what, I carried that proudly." What!!! Moon could've been a much better player... he would have had to have been placed in his own Hall of Fame after achieving all that he did in his and his 23 years in professional football.

Never Give Up On Your Dream; My Journey, is an extremely personal bio that takes the reader over the bumps and grinds, highs and lows, all the way to the Hall of Fame. Moon gives his take on the state of the black quarterback today; Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, Vince Young, Marcus Russell, Steve McNair, etc

Moon talks of his biggest regrets, his personal injuries, how he was able to play so majestically for so many years--- and well into his 40's, and why he would like to own an NFL team. All this and so much more in, Never Give Up On Your Dream; My Journey, the biography of one of the greatest quarterback's and CFL in NFL history!

Dad, Me and Muhammad Ali
A Father and Son Story

By Felix Manuel Rodriguez


A fantastic book, about a fantastic subject, by a fantastic author!

Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali is a heartfelt joyous ride built around the ever so important relationship between a father and son. Interwoven between the magic that is Muhammad Ali, is the majestically personal relationship between a dad and his son. Author Felix Manuel Rodriguez, takes the reader on a fantastic journey between a son and his father, all centered around the son's pride in doing something for his father, meet his hero Muhammad Ali.

This book may be geared for youth, but it can also be a gentle reminder to any parent male or female, about the strength of a family?s love, caring, and togetherness. Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali, is based on a true story about the book's author, taking a trip to Harlem from Connecticut via the train. No they were going to the famed hundred 125th St., nor were they going to the Apollo Theater, but the Rodriguez family was taken a journey to a splendid bookstore where they were to personally meet their hero, the Greatest!

Though this book details many amazing stories about legends Derek Jeter, Ken Norton, and Yankee Stadium, Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali, is about lessons, loyalty, and the love between a father and a son. Role models are severely lacking in today's world, son's looking up to their fathers, fathers being there at all, are also routinely lacking. But this book in a funny, heartwarming, and real way shows what a true bond between father and son should be.

A great learning tool for youth, and a great teacher's aide in the classroom, Dad, Me, and Muhammad Ali, simply put is, the "Greatest."

Flying Death: The Vietnam Experience

By Samuel K. Beamon


Sam Beamon enlisted in the Marine Corps in April 1965, he went on active duty on August 26, 1965. He completed 19 months in Vietnam serving of the helicopter Crew Chief. This is truly a great story by a great man. Mr. Beamon was born and raised in Waterbury, Connecticut, graduated high school, and found himself a Marine. As Mr. Beamon says in this thrilling book, "you do not change a person or country's way of thinking by running way". The Vietnam War was calling.

There are many stories in this illuminating recollection of 19 months spent in Vietnam, some grisly, some funny, some gut wrenching but all very real. You see, Mr. Beamon was not only a Marine, but he was a Combat Helicopter Crew Chief, and one of the few African-American ones at that. There have been many stories of those that served in Vietnam. Some stories have been of combat units, battles, Pilots that have been shot down and captured, along with some helicopter squadrons. This story gives a different prospective of the war.

"The troops on the ground would hear the sounds of a helicopter coming into their area. Looking up, they saw this complex flying machine blowing sand and dust all around. The chopper brought in anything and everything that the troops needed. The wounded and dead were evacuated. Reinforcements were delivered in the troops are brought back to their camps.

Did the troops ever think about the people that operated these helicopters? What did it take to keep these machines flying? What kind of pressures with a flight crew was facing a daily basis?"

Flying Death is the memories of a Combat Helicopter Crew Chief doing what was necessary to accomplish the mission of supporting the troops.

Talk about supporting the troops, there is a very intriguing but yet sad commentary on some of the situations that our troops had to deal with on a daily basis.

"The Marines of 2/3 with the new M-16 rifle engaged the enemy, but they had a problem. The rifles began jamming. This the last thing you want to happen in combat. The rifles with fire one bullet and wouldn't eject the bullet casing to fire the next bullet, causing it to jam. The Marines were trying to clear the weapons, so they would shoot again. They were being killed and wounded, because it does malfunction of the rifle. The call went out for MEDEVACS... either way the blame goes all the way back to the manufacturer and the military, but not Marines that had to use it. No one will ever know exactly how many Marines died because of this rifle, but there were many. After that, I never had any faith in that rifle. Too many Marines were wounded and died behind that these of faulty equipment. We believe we were using the best equipment. While that was proven to be wrong in combat, with the blood and lives of Marines that had to use it."

After flying on more than 320 combat missions, an untold number of missions, along with more than 600 flight hours in combat, Mr. Beamon was awarded 16 Air Metals and his Combat Aircrew Wings. It was time to go home.

"I wondered if life back home had changed or were things still the same. How would people look at me? It is very difficult to fight two wars with two enemies at the same time; One war against an enemy in a foreign land and the other was with your own country, with the enemy that didn't respect their fellow citizens as being an American. I was now heading back to fight the war of the equality. I have fought for my country."

"There were no such things as an readjustment., mental counseling or even a simple attitude adjustment session of what to expect, before returning to the World. No one cared about us, but us."

"I don't mind being called a "Marine". This is not a label, but the title. It is an honor and I'm very proud of it. I earned this title, as did every Marine that has served the Corps with Honor".

Mr. Beamon, Flying Death is a great book, and thank you for all you've done, it has truly been an honor to know you and read about your journey.

The life and death of a Yankee captain

By Marty Appel


Thurman Munson is remembered by fans as the fiercely competitive, tough, and most of all, inspiring Yankee captain from the Bronx Zoo years. He is also remembered for his tragic death, at age 32, when the private plane he was piloting crashed in Canton, Ohio, on August 2, 1979. Munson is the biography of a complex yet, great Yankee legend.

Here's the problem, Munson is written by the former Yankees public relations director Marty Appel and in 1977, Appel wrote an autobiography on Thurman Munson. As Appel wrote in this book himself, I have re-read that book over the years, I've always felt that Thurman held back too much, skirting over personal matters, as was his right. The publisher was pleased with the final product, so I felt I had met my obligation to give them both a book they want it. But I was never really satisfied with it. If Appel wasn't satisfied with his own book, why would he expect the public to be satisfied with it and pay their hard-earned money for it?

In my book, when it comes to autobiographies one doesn't get a chance to do it over. You either do it right the first time or don't do it all. If Thurman Munson did not want personal things in the first book, then are you violating the trust he had in you as a friend to write another autobiography after Munson's untimely death? I'm not sure, but it seemed like a money grab to me.

Though it's nice to hear some stories rehashed, there's very little new material in this book. Because Thurman Munson was such a star, and he is no longer here after dying in such a tragic way, I'm sure diehard Yankee fans will be happy to read this regurgitated information which has very little meat. I mean, if you were a major part of the Yanke and era, and on the inside, gimme a break this was the days of the wild Bronx Zoo, I'm sure Appell knows more than enough inside information and stories that went on in the Yankee clubhouse, and that he failed to put in the book because he still entrenched inside the baseball system.

So Yankee fans enjoy, but I feel that if you have a microphone or a pen, then you have an obligation to use them, not write the same book 32 years later with a little twist or relay certain scenarios that your friend Thurman Munson did not want you to speak about when he was alive, but now it's done when he is gone.


Souled Out?
How Blacks are Winning and Losing in Sports

By Shaun Powell


 Souled Out? What an appropriate title for this intriguing, yet stunning look at yesterday’s and today’s black athletes. While the huge amounts of money made  has made some of these athletes millionaires, what has it cost them as positive role models, future leaders or better yet, just plain decent folk?

Shaun Powell will tick you off, make you smile, challenge you to think beyond your nose, but mostly just make you say, ”damn, this book ain’t no joke!”

Chapter titles such as;

                            Black Athlete Activism- Has the Last Militant Left the Stage

                            Generational- Cultural Differences

                            Baseball Bygones- Going Soft on Hardball

                            The Feminine Side- You Go Girl, but How Far?

                            Show Time-Ali Started it, NFL Exhibitionist Ruined it

                            Media madness-The Price of not Dancing to Their Tune

                                                       WHEW !!!

From Jackie Robinson, to Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Venus and Serena Williams, Terrell Owens, to Randy Moss and everyone in between, Souled Out?, takes the reader on a soulful journey through the sometimes volatile and treacherous world for black athletes in our society. All the land mines are loaded, but are these athletes even aware of them and how many have they designed themselves?

Shaun Powell has not Souled Out?, to anyone, especially not the readers of this energetic, lightening rod of a book that chronicles not only black athletes, but our media, society, and maybe, even you yourself!


My View From the Cornerr

By Angelo Dundee


The life and stories of legendary boxing trainer Angelo Dundee. “My View from the

Corner,” is an intriguing and, streetwise look at Dundee’s life in the Big Show. Any man who can state to being the trainer to such legends and icons such as, Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, and George Foreman, surely has some tales to tell and Angelo Dundee surely  delivers a  knockout ! 

Written by acclaimed boxing aficionado, Bert Sugar, “My View from the Corner,” is a must read for folks who want to know the innermost thoughts and dealings of the above listed great champions and, more. All of the deepest secrets of these great warriors are told in the old spun boxing verbiage of the sage known as, Angelo Dundee, boxing’s trainer to the stars. 

!What did George Foreman really feel about his shocking loss to Ali?

!What did Dundee feel as Ali’s trainer and friend when Ali was telling the press that the white man “is the devil”?

!How did Sugar Ray Leonard, personally disappoint Dundee?

!What does Angelo Dundee consider to be the best and worst about the state of boxing today?

Angelo Dundee and Bert Sugar ,“My View from the Corner,” is a fast read into the inner sanctum of yesterday and today’s world of boxing, a look that will surely knock you OUT!!! 

Hey Angelo, bring the smelling salts!


Quiet Strength

By Tony Dungy


Tony Dungy, coach of the Indianapolis Colts, led his team to a victory in Super Bowl XL1. Yes, it was a big deal to be the first African-American coach to win a Super bowl but there is so much more to the story.

Coach Dungy’s new book, ”Quiet Strength,” takes the reader on a soul searching journey into the reasons for his success.

If your looking for a “dirty laundry’ type book about the secret inner sanctum of the N.F.L., this is not the book for you. But, if you’re interested in knowing how Dungy’s philosophies, practices , and principles have led to his successes then, this is the book for you.     

Charging the Net:  A History of Blacks in Tennis

By Cecil Harris


“Charging the Net,” what a fitting title for this revolutionary book about African-Americans in tennis. Author, Cecil Harris, back hands many theories as to why blacks in tennis have achieved, been discarded and disrespected, and why they have done what they’ve done inside and outside of tennis. 

“Charging the Net,” is not only a richly informative book, but it delves into the nuances , hurdles, and traps of tennis in America, especially for people of color.

Find out why:

! There’s no African-American culture in tennis. 

! Arthur Ashe was exactly who we needed at the time.

 !Arthur Ashe said,”sure I got tired of being the nice guy.”

 ! When Althea Gibson was asked, if she was proud to be compared to Jackie Robinson, she said,”No. I don’t consider myself to be a representative of my people.”

 !James Blake may be too nice to be #1.

 ! Richard Williams said,” Serena will be even better than Venus.”   

Cecil Harris has smashed a 100 mile an hour ace, “Charging the Net,” is a must read.  

Dropping the Ball:  nt> Baseball's Troubles and How We Can and Must Solve Them

By Dave Winfield with Michael Levin


It’s about time that someone wrote a book about the ails of Major League Baseball. Yet, it is even more significant that someone penned a book about how to fix these problems that trouble America’s pastime, or is it still truly America’s pastime?

     Dave Winfield’s, Dropping the Ball is a book that is right on time but in relevance to other baseball books, it is ahead of its time. No where can one find a superstar of the game not writing about his teammates dirty laundry, nor how he was disrespected by the game or the national press, but what is wrong with the fiber of the game and how to right it.

     Winfield’s non-condescending tone, speaks to the everyday person in a manner that not only glistens from Winfield’s vast personal experience as a past player but enlightens us novices in the inner workings of this highly lucrative yet troubled game.

     Dropping the Ball delves into baseballs ownership and what their duties should be versus what they are, the media and corporate partners, the fans, the agents, colleges and youth coaches. Winfield also has thought provoking chapters such as, The New Color Line and The Last Black Major Leaguer, whereas he feels that, “the last African American Major League Baseball player, the very last one to reach The Show, is twelve years old as you read these words.”

     Paraphrasing another futuristic chapter, Dropping the Ball leads its readers into, Baseball in the Twenty-first Century. So put on your spikes, and the old jersey of your favorite player, and jet plane this fast reading book to the land of, what is was, to what it is, to what it should be.

     Don’t drop the ball, because Winfield doesn’t!                                            


Inside Power

By Gary Sheffield with David Ritz


Gary Sheffield is known as a slugger on the field but he is also a slugger when it comes to putting his thoughts on paper. “Inside Power” takes the reader through the life and times of Sheffield and oh what a ride it is. From Sheffield’s grandfather telling him that he had the “Inside Power,” to Sheffield asking for and receiving a man to man negotiation with "The Boss” George Steinbrenner and winning. 

•  Learn how big name stars Dave Parker, Don Baylor, and Terry Pendelton took Sheffield under their wings and helped to mold the young  firebrand.

• How and why “Big Game” Dave Stewart “had my number couldn’t get a hit off him.  ”It only took Sheffield three years to get that first hit off Stewart.

• Why Sheffield considered Joe Torre an “enigma” and “motivation isn’t Torre’s greatest skill.”

• Why Sheffield believes, “The plain fact is that white owners want white franchise players. White men want white sons.”

      That’s only the tip of the iceberg. John Rocker has a better chance of heading the NAACP, than for Sheffield to be quiet and not man up to his opinions. Read this book and get a much clearer view of Sheffield than the one matriculated by the mainstream media which often lacks truth, thought and power. “Inside Power” may brush you back at times but what else do you expect from an offering by Gary Sheffield.


And I Haven't Had a Bad Day Since:  From the Streets of Harlem to the Halls of Congress

By Charles Rangel with Leon Wynter


     Yes indeed, From the Streets of Harlem to the Halls of Congress ,this Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, war hero, human rights warrior, and father/husband is truly an American hero. Congressman Rangel truly keeps it real, keeps it right in this dynamic new book.

     The Charles Rangel story is such an easy read because it reads like a cool drive with the top down, on a beautiful Saturday afternoon all the while also filled with brutal honesty,  anecdotes, and humor. Kind of like sitting at your wise ol’e grandfather’s knee while he spun the yarn about his trials, tribulations, failures and successes.

     Congressman Rangel doesn’t only grab your attention with “back in the day,” but he tells the reader about the truths of today’s society, and also where this country is headed if we do not right the course, NOW!

     In this “politically correct” society in which we live , it’s refreshing to hear a major force in our leadership, speak without a forked tongue, or whispering his or her opinions. These are a few of the reasons why Congressman Rangel has been a force to be reckoned with and in office for thirty-six straight years.

     “And I Haven’t Had a Bad Day Since, “ is not only a must read for you, but your grandparents, parents, children, students, friends, anyone who you care about or who cares about our country , this book is for them. It’s about the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor, educated versus non educated, black and white, yesterday, today, and tomorrow in the political world, and your world . This book is not a slice of American pie, it is the WHOLE pie, tasty, filling and you always want more!


Sucker Punch:  The Hard Left Hook That Dazed Ali and Killed King's Dream

By Jack Cashill
0 stars


        A total waste of paper, I wouldn’t read this book if someone gave it to me along with a free gas coupon!

       Author Jack Cashill known to appear as an expert on Fox News, is surely no expert nor even a novice when it comes to knowledge about Muhammad Ali.  Cashill was obviously looking for a cash cow when he wrote this book trashing Ali, and it was no accident that the book was released on Ali’s 65 th birthday.

      There are very few facts concerning Ali in this book, it is based on conjecture and Cashill’s intense dislike of former Nation of Islam leader, Elijah Muhammad. That dislike could have been justified, but Cashill used Ali’s name to market the book, instead of  just being honest with his two possible readers.

       This writer interviewed Cashill on my radio show “Sportstalk in Black n’ White,” and found Cashill to be a pompous, arrogant, individual pent on trying to get his sour, biased, untrue message out to his noted two readers. Don’t waste your money or time on this horrible piece of dribble, one would be better suited to read the back of side of a matchbook cover!


The Soul of Baseball:  A Road Trip through Buck O’Neil’s America 

By Joe Posnanski

     The Soul of Baseball is a wonderful book about the life and trials of Buck O’Neil, the true ambassador for major league baseball. Penned by Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski, The Soul of Baseball is a must read for young, old, black, white, everyone who wants to hear about the history and soul of the Negro Leagues  to the current state of major league baseball.

     The recently deceased Buck O’Neil had opinions on everything from Satchell Paige to Mark McGwire to present day superstar, Barry Bonds. But, O’neil’s take on these topics and so much more, are so totally unique coming from a man who was shunned himself by major league baseball himself, but rose above small minds and attitudes to positively speak from his heart without anger nor trepidation

     Read how some of the biggest names in baseball, Bob Costas, Joe Morgan, and Ken Burns amongst others, felt about Mr. O’Neil and his journeys through the back and front roads of the two baseball leagues.

     Posnanski who spent over a year with Mr. O’Neil writing this book, was also with Mr.O’Neil when was denied his rightful place in the Hall Of Fame. It was an experience that Posnanski stated, once again showed him the type of character and strength that made Buck O’Neil, The Soul of Baseball!


Forty Million Dollar Slaves

By William C. Rhoden


If this title doesn’t grab you by the throat, you might want to check your pulse. 

Former NFL All-Star Calvin Hill said it best; “Forty Million Dollar Slaves caused me to alternately shake my head in violent disagreement one moment only to find myself nodding the next.” 

World renowned author William c. Rhoden takes the reader deep into the bowels of the often chaotic and seamy underside of the societal and sports relationships between black athletes and the owners, coaches, media, as well as it fans. 

Rhoden contends, “That many black athletes exercise of true power is as limited today as when master forced their slaves to race and fight.  The primary difference is today’s shackles are often of their own making.” 

Whew, deep enough to slap the taste out your mouth! 

The “Conveyor Belt” chapter is so insightful and challenging that Arsenio Hall would come back and place his 8 inch finger on his forehead and say Hmmm! 

The “River Jordan” chapter maps out how and why Michael Jordan only flowed downhill when it came to black causes or even his opinions, if he ever had one. 

How can, or better yet, how dare black athletes as millionaires be thought of as forty million dollar slaves!  Rhoden lays his thoughts and theories like a Muhammad Ali jab straight had hard! 

Be ready to think, get angry, knowingly smile, argue or debate with your friends, but this book should be on every one’s bookshelf, every college’s curriculum,  in every athlete’s  and coaches’ locker as well as every owner’s yacht.

The truth hurts, but it’s good for the soul.


What's My Name, Fool?

By Dave Zirin


“What’s My Name Fool?” is Dave Zirin.  Any man that coins a Muhammad Ali phrase to name his book must either have serious content or just plain big ones.  Truth be told, Zirin has both.


From Later day icons Jackie Robinson, Tommie Smith and Ali to modern day athletes Carlos Delgado, Maurice Clakett and Kobe Bryant, “What’s My Name Fool’ dissects, explains and challenges the ying and yang of some of the biggest names in the sports world. 

Zirin melts his deep knowledge of sports with his passion for history and mixes in his societal view points on racism, classism, and sexism.  Bottom-line is all the ism’s are covered. 

Dave Zirin is not only an out-of-the box thinker, but he’s unafraid to put his feelings on the pages concerning many issues and causes that most current writers won’t touch today. 

Not for the open-minded challenged, “What’s My Name Fool” is a must read for anyone searching for the truth in the crazy world of sports. 

Z-man is the man.


Sound and Fury

By Dave Kindred


You think you knew it all about Muhammad Ali and his sidekick Howard Cosell?  Well you haven’t even scratched the surface until you read “Sound & Fury”.

Author Dave Kindred is an amazing writer who has won the prestigious Red Smith Award for lifetime achievement in sports journalism. 

If that’s not enough, Kindred writes from a “kindred spirit” approach as he personally knew and had many conversations with both Ali and Cosell.

So close in fact, Kindred wrote Cosell’s fourth memoir and the passage in “Sound & Fury” concerning Kindred riding in the front seat of an Ali driven Cadillac, as Ali pontificated on why he would destroy George Foreman, is priceless!  

“Sound & Fury” is like being a fly on the wall in the room of two gigantic personalities.  Ali and Cosell that where so alike, but also vastly different at other times. 

“Sound & Fury” details amongst many other new and interesting scenarios how; 

          ●Ali and Cosell’s fate where intertwined many years ago by their ancestors

          ●Ali said, “I ain’t gonna wind up like Malcolm X”

●NFL superstar Johnny Unitas told Cosell, “your talking thru you’re a__hole Howard”.

          ●Cosell never really supported the stands made by Ali.

          ●Cosell called Ali n_____ to make Ali open the door. 

All this and so much more in this glorious ride on the real-life rollercoaster in the life and times of this dynamic duo of Ali and Cosell. 

“Sound & Fury” is a perfect title for two personalities that where so filled with both “Sound & Fury”.


Clearing the Bases

By Mike Schmidt




            ►        3-TIME NATIONAL LEAGUE MVP

            ►        12-TIME ALL-STAR

            ►        10 GOLD GLOVES

            ►        9 – 100 RBI SEASONS

            ►        DREW 100 WALKS 7 TIMES

            ►        WORLD SERIES MVP

            ►        ”JACKED” 548 CAREER HOME RUNS

            ►        FIRST BALLOT HALL OF FAMER

            ►        1999 ALL-CENTURY TEAM










Beyond Glory

By David Margolick

In this magnificent book David Margolick shoots hard straight jabs, ala Max Schmeling, at world situations, race relations, political aspirations and perceived cultural domination surrounding the epic Joe Louis and Max Schmeling bouts.

Margolick, the silver haired pugilist pens this story like the Brown Bomber himself, over-hand left, hard, swift and oh so devastating !

Issues of the day, the times, the sports world and the real world are inspected and dissected as the reader closes each chapter enlightened, curious and always wanting to turn to the next page.

A must read for the sports minded, the historically minded, or anyone who just wants to understand and know the damn truth about these two icons named Louis & Schmeling.

How could two warriors be lionized, brutalized, heroes to zeroes then back again in their own respective countries?

The answers and much more in this fascinating read that not only takes you the distance but can knock you the hell out in any given chapter.

Margolick states this book “never would have happened if his father, 40 years ago, hadn’t brought home a record called “I  can hear it now”, in which Edward R. Murrow introduced the author to Clem McCarthy’s call of the second Louis – Schmeling fight.Margolick learned an early lesson that “Daddy Margolick” was always right!

Well, read “Beyond Glory” and you will not be only able to “hear” but you’ll be able to visualize, sense, smell the underbelly of not only Louis – Schmeling but boxing, Germany and the USA.


Runnin' Rebel

By Jerry Tarkanian with Don Wetzel, commentaries by Bob Knight

Who is the only man to not only defeat the powerful NCAA for 25 years, but also receive $2.5 million as compensation? 

“Tark the Shark,” Jerry Tarkanian is the answer to the question, but he not only holds the key to the numerous dark and dirty secrets of the NCAA hierarchy, but the college game as a whole.

Can you handle the truth?  If you can, then prepare to hear the gospel about Frank Sinatra’s ties to the “Runnin’ Rebels” program, why most college programs must cheat to not only win but survive, why UCLA standout Bill Walton says UNLV was picked on but his own John Wooden led Bruins were never suspected let alone investigated.

Any book about the original Rebel, coach Tarkanian that has a forward by the anti-Tarkanian, Bob Knight, is in itself worthy of the price of this fantastic read.


Call The Yankees My Daddy

Author Cecil Harris

In “Call The Yankees My Daddy” Cecil Harris reflects on baseball, family and a lifelong allegiance to the New York Yankees.  Ya’ gotta appreciate a guy who’s a huge Horace Clark fan!

Harris, the first African-American to cover the Yankees on a full time basis, has covered sports for Garrett Suburban Newspapers in Westchester County, New York Newsday, The New York Post, The Indianapolis Star, The Sporting News and The Hockey News.

Harris gives the inside scoop on what made Yankee owner George Steinbrenner so difficult to deal with, why Mickey Mantle’s last home run was shameful, why superstar Albert Bell advised Harris to “be black” and what was the toughest thing about covering his favorite team.  

Need more….how about why George Steinbrenner replaced Martin Luther King’s name with his own, why the author is not a fan of Reggie Jackson, disputes with Yankees’ Jeff Nelson and Wade Boggs.  Why Harris does not consider Gary Sheffield and Tom Gordon “true Yankees”.

These stories are framed into an honest and heart-warming expose that was formed by a bond between the author’s father & sons, who are unabashedly baseball fans but not exactly fans of the same teams, all in one household.

All this and so much more in this roller coaster ride through Yankee history.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride.



By Jose' Canseco

“The challenge is not to find a top player who has used steroids.  The challenge is to find a top player who hasn’t.”    Jose Canseco

Appropriately named “The Chemist” by fellow ball players because he knows so much about steroids, former MVP Jose Canseco has knocked the sssss – teroids out of baseball. 

“Juiced” written by Canseco himself is a certifiable grand slam.  Canseco not only tells the reader how and why steroids are done but he names some of the names that he used steroids with.

And finally someone has backed up what I’ve said for years now that Mark McGwire was not the Sultan of Swat but the Sultan of Steroids!  Read how Canseco told McGwire:

“You’re protected by America …You are set.  You can never do anything wrong.  You could rob a bank while raping a cheerleader and nothing would happen to you.”

No one goes unscathed in this tell-tale book, Cal Ripken Jr, Will Clark, Jason Giambi, Roger Clemons, even George W. Bush himself!

A must read for anyone who can stand the truth!


Shut Out:

A story of Race and Baseball in Boston

By Howard Bryant

“Imagine Ted Williams, Jackie Robinson, and Willie Mays on the same team, playing for the Boston Red Sox…. 

Think of how different Red Sox history would have been.  It is not a dream, for it could have happened.  It should have happened.” Sad but true.   

How could Jackie Robinson try out for the Red Sox and not make the team? 

How could the Red Sox not want Willie Mays? 

Why was there such racial problems between Spaceman Bill Lee and young star Reggie Smith? 

Why did Bill Russell call Boston, “a flea market of racism”? 

Why did Boston legends Peter Gammons and Will McDonough “despise” each other? 

Jim Rice, Luis Tiant, Mo Vaughn, Oil Can Boyd and so many more fill this wonderfully insightful book that is a must read for anyone who truly wants to know the truth concerning race and baseball in Boston.

Author Howard Bryant is a journalist and sportswriter who grew up in Boston in the 1970’s and has written extensively on race and baseball.

Howard Bryant has a brilliant mind and unmatched work ethic that shines through in this magnificent piece of Boston history, baseball history as well as U.S. history.


Breaking the Ice

The Black Experience in Professional Hockey

By Cecil Harris

This book is not only a great read but it is just as informative. Breaking the Ice, should not only be a learning tool in classrooms about this country, but also a learning tool in the maturation of succeeding in the classroom of life. Author, Cecil Harris has done an extraordinary job of bringing to life the rear life stories and experiences of black pacesetters in the National Hockey League, a league that prior to 1958 had as many brothers as the KKK had black members, none!

Read the fantastic real life experiences of:

Willie O'Ree --the 1st black in the NHL 
Herb Carnegie -- the best black hockey player to never play in the NHL
Grant Fuhr ---the only black member of the hockey Hall of Fame
Jarome Iginla --the NHL's only, season high scorer and MVP

And so many more...! Breaking the Ice, is a fast paced, honest journey through a story that has never been written about and needed to be written about as the NHL struggles even today, to find their "Tiger" to lead them to the promised land of increased popularity and TV ratings. Will Iginla be that "Tiger," after his recent championship run?  Why do so many black NHL players seem to be adopted, born to interracial parents, weren't born in the inner cities nor seem to have grown up with many black friends, if any at all? Figure out these questions and so many more in - Breaking the Ice -!


LT: Over the Edge: Tackling Quarterbacks, 
Drugs, and a World Beyond Football

By Lawrence Taylor, Steve Serby

Many people love to read a good kiss and tell book, but Lawrence Taylor's book is more of the "snort and yell" variety.  A must read for not only football fans, but sports fan in general.

Like L.T. manning the outside linebacker spot,  "Over the Edge" reads like Taylor's game.  Fast paced, violent, unpredictable and always irreverent.  Who else by L.T. could lock Bill Parcells put of practice and fall asleep at Bill Belichick's defensive meetings!

Not for the faint of heart, or for people who don't understand the NFL is a business.  L.T. brashly and honestly details his triumphs and failures on and off the field.  All the while surrounded by prostitutes, drug dealers, and groupies...

L.T. unapologetically explains his "crazed dog" mentality through his cocaine and crack abuse, his "suicidal" tendencies, losing his wife and family, all the while running to his first ballot Hall of Fame induction in 1999.

As the NFL hierarchy hated the ESPN show Playmakers, the NFL old-guard must simply "take a knee" as L.T. blitzes and sacks misconceptions concerning him and his on and off the field exploits.

Is L.T. concerned?  "Do I want to get back into the game?  No, I can't say that," said Taylor.

After this book, L.T. let back in the game; Pete Rose has a better chance of becoming the commissioner of baseball, Kobe Bryant will get the key to the State of Colorado and Rush Limbaugh will become CEO of the NAACP.


Chocolate Thunder: The Uncensored Life and Times of Darryl Dawkins

By Darryl Dawkins, Charley Rosen

Bun toaster, rim shaker, spine chiller supreme, read this book to see what I mean!  Daryle Dawkins slam-dunks the falsehoods about the NBA, the way he ripped down backboards – with a vengeance! 

Squawkin’ Dawkins tells all and more, concerning tales of drugs, racism and sex in the NBA during his 14 year reign in the show.

Being the first player to move directly including high school to the NBA at the age of 18, Dawkins played alongside and against legends from Dr. J, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Isaiah Thomas, Dennis Rodman…   the revelation concerning the near fight between Dawkins and Karl Malone over “Shakira” a shared girlfriend is worth the price for the book alone!  Guess the Mailman couldn’t deliver.

D.D. story tells with a rare combination of brutal honesty and humor, all delivered with good ole' slap your mama southern twang.

Why did D.D. feel that:

  • Robert Parish was “over-rated:
  • Guys were afraid to defend “Super” John Williams
  • The NBA had Michael Ray Richardson followed

Chocolate Thunder shocks, rocks, and locks his readers into enjoying the read to “Planet Lovetron” in this funny and revealing expose.


Do You Love Football?!: Winning with Heart, Passion, and Not Much Sleep

by Jon Gruden, Vic Carucci

Somewhere in Tampa bay there’s a crowded forest with a huge empty patch in the middle. One tree is saying to all the other trees, “I can’t believe they cut down cousin Pookey & em’ to write that damn Jon Gruden book, what a waste of good trees!”

Amen, I’m not going out on a limb here by saying “Do You Love Football” is a waste of paper.  Because a good coach guides someone else’s team (Tony Dungy's) to winning the super bowl and looks like “Chucky”, does not give Gruden the license to write a book. 

Based on Tampa bay’s lackluster non-playoff season, maybe Gruden should’ve spent more time on his game plans rather than trying to be Ernest Hemingway.  Muriel Hemingway could have wrote a better football book! 

Like the Buccaneers, this book is flat with no direction, flair or content.  stacked with a wide array of talented and unique personalities (Warren Sapp, Keyshon Johnson, Derrick Brooks, Mike Alstott….) Gruden has no excuse to pen a book that is more suited for the coffee table at the local funeral parlor. 

One would be more entertained watching their eyebrows grow rather than reading this waste of ink.  “Chucky” is dead.  unlike other horror characters, hopefully this “Chucky” will not return.




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