"If You Have a Microphone, You Have a
Responsibility to Make Your Opinions Known"

Bobby Ramos is the CEO and founder of Bottomline!!!, LLC.  Mr. Ramos has a deep knowledge of sports and entertainment and is committed to delving and delivering the truth, all with a twist of humor, candor, quick wit, but most of all deliciously entertaining.  Kind of like a second helping of grandma's apple pie; hearty, filling and always tastes like...MORE!

Born and raised in Connecticut, Bobby has played sports and talked issues his whole life.  As the most decorated police officer in his department, Bobby is a certified Connecticut police instructor, FBI trained Hostage Negotiator, Field Training officer, along with heading the DARE/Community Affairs Office in his exemplary 25 years of service as a police officer.  Founder and former president of the police union the Stratford Guardians.

On the community tip, Bobby has given back with his own time for many years, to start or work with too many organizations to name.

Bobby has letters of praise and accomplishments, not only from his own Chief, but from several Chiefs from neighboring cities and from Governor Jodi Rell, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, several mayors, Superintendents of schools, principals and students.

Bobby has received awards from various organizations; 

2007 Juneteenth Parade Marshall

2000 Cape Verdean Women's Club - Man of the Year

2000 Connecticut Treasure award from then Lt. Governor Jodi Rell

1999 Mission Accomplished award from the Town of Stratford

1999 Friend of Education award from the Stratford Board of Education

1999 Youth Resource award from the town’s high school students

1998 New Haven’s Children Center award

1996 MADD Appreciation award

1993 Appreciation Award from the residents of the Town of Stratford

Twenty three years ago Bobby organized, managed and played with The Blue Heat, a basketball team comprised of police officers and firefighters.  The Blue Heat traveled the country playing in over 100 charitable games to raise money for worth while causes such as, MADD, and Anti-domestic violence programs.  The Blue Heat has also raised money for the Town’s schools for computers and new uniforms for the basketball team.  The Blue Heat has also donated food baskets, clothes, turkeys on Thanksgiving and even Christmas trees to families in the town.

This unique team ran by Bobby sponsored bus trips to New York to see plays, circus', basketball games and more.  Also there was the annual Halloween party sponsored by the Blue Heat. 

Bobby created and presented an anti-wrestling program “Wrestle with This!” to educated and inform parents and students about the danger of this type media.  This program resulted in the Board of Education banning the wearing of WWF clothing in school, as well as using the WWF slang or vulgar signs.

Bobby has also created or added to severalsuccessful programs such as Club 23-Computer Kidz (a programdesigned to give computers to families that don't have them,) movienight with Officer Ramos (a bi-weekly program that uses movies toteach youth about character,values, stereotypes...,), Make-A- Wish Foundation, and numerous other noteworthy organizations.

Not only was Bobby a certified facilitator for Jim Brown's self empowerment program Amer-I-Can, but he was also the program's director. 

Bobby is also the creator and driving force behind the #1 rated sports talk radio show in Connecticut, the wildly popular Sports Talk in Black N White,  heard on WICC600am & ESPN1300. Bobby's motto:  "Keep it real, keep it right," exemplifies the man's undeniable style and substance.

Sports Talk in Black N White's theme is diversity, which is purposely cultivated.  Bobby embraces diversity like a fish to water.  When you read the partial list of Bobby's guests you will see people of different races and genders, as Bobby says, "From the suburbs to the hood, it's all good!"

Bobby's BottomLine!!!general topics/political shows were also the top-rated shows of the yearon station WICC600AM.

Bobby's intellectual, insightful questions and retorts rally towards spontaneous and dynamic forays into ubiquitous conversations that have been applauded by listeners and guests alike.  Political correctness is not a term believed in or used by Bobby Ramos, remember, "Keep it real, Keep it right!"

Being an avid researcher, this well versed verbal jouster with the deep voice has landed interesting and stimulating interviews with icons and luminaries such as:

Jim Brown Joe Frazier
Johnnie Cochrane Bob Cousy
Shaquille O'Neil Bill Walton
Oscar Robertson Mad Dog Russo
David Stern Stuart Scott
Don Mattingly Tony Dorsett
Dick Vitale Rickey Henderson
Sugar Ray Leonard Tommie Smith
Bobby Valentine Deacon Jones
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Allen Iverson
Don King Laila Ali
Kobe Bryant Daryle Dawkins
Whitney Ford Mike Schmidt
Kevin Garnett Ja Rule
Mark Cuban Jamie Foxx
Ken Burns Jim Nantz

And the list goes on!

Few can massage a phrase as Bobby can, therefore he is a much sought after speaker:

  • Master of Ceremonies, Key Note Speaker, Bridgeport Guardians Awards Night

  • Key Note Speaker, Housatonic Community College

  • Key Note Speaker, Sacred Heart University

  • Key Note Speaker, Stratford Rotary

  • Master of Ceremonies, Key Note Speaker, Bridgeport Old-Timers Association (twice.)

  • Keynote Speaker, Key Note Speaker, Greater Bridgeport Retired Teachers Association

  • Master of Ceremonies, Key Note Speaker, Bethel AME Beautillion

  • Moderator, Urban Impact Summit, Foxwoods Resort, 05' & 06"

  • Master of Ceremonies for the City of Bridgeport's 2005 Juneteenth parade.

  • Emcee and keynote speaker for Bridgeport's 40 year anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech.

  • Emcee for the Democratic victory party of Bridgeport's Mayor John Fabrizzi.

  • Emcee for Women in Business Association:  The Power of Ethical Leadership, with best selling author, Les Brown.

  • Featured guest on "Our Lives", News 12.

  • Featured speaker for several church, school and community functions.

Sports wise Bobby has not only done several live on-site broadcasts from various locations, but he has made numerous television appearances on:

  • Madison Square Garden's Metro Channel

  • Fairfield Exchange Cable Show

  • New Jersey's Channel 5

On the radio side, Bobby has hosted a 5 hour sports show on WFAN, the #1 sports show in the country.  He has also hosted several ESPN 1050 shows out of Madison Square Garden in New York.

Bobby has also been a guest on various radio stations including:

  • ESPN 1050 - New York

  • WVOL - Washington, D.C.

  • WWPT - 90.3 - Fairfield, CT

Bobby has also been the feature writer for:

  • Black Athlete Sports Network

  • Connecticut Sports Magazine (August 2004)

  • New York Sportscene Magazine

  • Connecticut Post Newspaper

  • Jim Brown's Bi-monthly newsletter

Bobby has had many sports publications and newspapers feature stories concerning his opinions and travels:

  • New York Post

  • Connecticut Post

  • New York SportsScene

  • New Haven Register

  • Stratford Bard

  • Bridgeport Bard

  • Sporting News Magazine

Bobby is also a board member of the

  • Coastal Fairfield County Sports Commission


Letters of Praise

Frank DeFord and Bobby

Bobby with Chuck D of rap group
Public Enemy

Peppa of female rap duo "Salt 'N Peppa"
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Bobby With former NBA ref Bob Delaney

Bobby and Rain Pryor, daughter of late
comedian Richard Pryor

Original gangster Frank Lucas and Bobby

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Magic Johnson All Star Game '04


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Bobby and Governor Cuomo

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